(2024) Describe Your Daily Routine That you Enjoy – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe Your Daily Routine That you Enjoy

Describe Your Daily Routine That you Enjoy
Describe Your Daily Routine That you Enjoy

Cue Card

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Where and when you do it
  • Who you do it with
  • And explain why you enjoy it

Sample Answer

What it is

Here I am going to talk about a daily routine that I never forget to skip: my morning walk, going to gym and meeting my friends. These three activities keep me fit mentally and physically so I never give a skip to these activities. Until and unless I am under the weather.

Where and when you do it

We have a huge park in my town and everybody comes here to do outdoor activities. It is a place where I feel in the lap of nature as it is covered with lots of trees. Old people come here for walks and yoga exercises. The walking track is newly constructed as it’s very comfortable to walk here.

Who do you do it with

I do all these activities alone but in the park many morning walkers give me company. On weekends I play games here with my friends. In the gym, normally I do my exercise by myself. My trainer sometimes joins me for a small chat on health.

Explain why you enjoy it

l am a health conscious person and i believe in maintaining a perfect balance between physical and mental health so along with exercise I eat a balanced diet, socialize with my friends this routine plays important role in health.

Part 3

1. Should children have learning routines?

Certainly. My opinion is that children can feel comforted by familiar activities when
facing difficult or uncertain circumstances. If they have predictable and accustomed daily routines in learning, they will feel more secure and assured. Children’s days are predictable when they have a set daily schedule and follow step-by-step procedures. Having a learning routine entices them to engage more in learning. For instance, children should set a time for studying. Probably spare an hour for one subject. Despite the fact that establishing a routine that meets the needs of children requires structure, consistency, and a lot of patience, all of which are challenging to achieve in daily life, they will notice significant improvements.

2. What are the advantages of children having a routine at school?

There are a lot that I can think of.
First, it boosts their confidence. Children, like all adults, find comfort in a sense of structure, even if they don’t fully understand it at the time. Children like it when certain activities are familiar to them and simple to do, even though they love their own brand of chaos and fun.
Moreover, If a child’s day is too unpredictable and they repeatedly fail to finish tasks because they are unfamiliar with them, they may grow up with low self-esteem and confidence problems.
Second, by establishing a routine, they learn how long a task should ideally take and develop the habit of concentrating on the job at hand rather than fiddling around. Hence, routines at school greatly help children.

3. How do people’s routines differ on weekdays and weekends?

In my own perspective, there are significant differences. On weekdays people are always busy as bees and establishing a routine is hard. The mere fact that people are moving quickly, they might jump from one activity to another. In other words,people may spontaneously do things on the weekdays.
On the other hand, weekends are exceptional. These are the days when people can be with their loved ones and do stuff they can’t do on the weekdays. Personally, my routine is completely different on the weekends. I probably get to bed at about the same time, but I sleep an extra hour or two if I can get away with it. I turned the alarm off the night before, so there’s no chance of interrupted sleep.
Once l’ m up, I rarely shower until later. I usually head out to the living room and do something with writing some simple reports. Eventually, I might work out. I eat eggs and meat for brunch at about 11:00am.
My wife and daughter also like their sleep, so lazy weekends are the norm unless we have responsibilities. Hence, routines greatly differ during the weekends and weekdays.

4. Does having a routine make kids feel more secure at school?

That’s what I believe. Children can feel more at ease during difficult and uncertain times when they are engaging in familiar activities.
Like adults, kids benefit from having predictable, comfortable routines because it gives them a sense of security. Children have predictable days thanks to a regular daily schedule and step-by-step procedures. Humans have many fears, but for the majority of people, “the unknown” is the greatest fear… From a strange new vegetable to a significant change in their lives, children are afraid of the unknown. For better or worse, children are confronted with change daily, which is a growth opportunity, but also stressful. Children, like the rest of us, handle change best if it is expected and occurs in the context of a familiar routine. I can say that a predictable routine allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery in handling their lives. As this sense of mastery is strengthened, they can tackle larger changes: walking to school by themselves, choosing a good book to read or even doing organized homework.
As a result, routines are significant for children at school.

5. What daily routines do people have at home?

I know a few.
To start, some people workout at home. After waking up or following dinner, they typically engage in some sport. They enjoy playing games occasionally. I believe that the majority of young men enjoy playing games online.
A few people’s daily routines also include reading books while drinking coffee. Before hitting the sack, they will occasionally read their favorite stories to help them relax. In my case, when I’m not at work, i like to spend time each day watching cooking videos to learn new recipes that I can prepare on my own. I would then check on my laundry and wash it if I felt it was getting out of

In reality, I work quickly. On the weekends, things are a little different because I take my time. I might have to watch some TV series or Netflix content after preparing food for myself. I practice yoga to stretch my body at other times. Therefore, these are what I can make out to be people’s daily routines in their respective homes.

Describe Your Daily Routine That you Enjoy – Sample Video

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