(2024) Describe Your First Day At School That You Remember

Describe Your First Day At School That You Remember

Describe Your First Day At School That You Remember
Describe Your First Day At School That You Remember

Cue Card

You should say:

  • Where the school was
  • How you went there
  • What happened that day
  • And how you felt on that day

Sample Answer

When it was:

I remember the first day in the university. It was in 2018. I had been waiting for the whole summer to start a new chapter. I felt excited and at the same time I was so nervous as it was my first day in the university and I didn’t know anyone. I couldn’t sleep the night before.

Where the school is:

My university is in downtown Toronto, Canada. It’s just next to the MTR station so it’s very easy to get there.

What happened on that day:

There was only an opening ceremony in the morning at 10:30 in the morning. I left my home at 9am and I arrived at school at 10. I still had some time so I decided to walk around my beautiful campus. When it was about 10:15, I found that there was no one nearby. I had no idea where I was and it freaked me out because the ceremony was about to start.

Luckily, a person came and I guess he might be a staff member working in the university and he was so friendly to lead me to the building. I found my seat at the main hall and there was a girl sitting next to me. I approached her and asked what she studied. And we discovered that we were in the same programme! I introduced myself and so did she. Her name is Susan and we exchanged our contact.

The ceremony started with a speech by the principal. It was quite encouraging and inspirational that made me look forward to university life. It ended with a cocktail party and I spent the rest of the time with Susan. I found that we have a lot of common interests!

Why you still remember the experience:

I am always going to remember that day because I met the best friend that I have ever had.

Part 3

1. What would parents prepare when their kids go to school on the first day?

When a parent’s offspring is set to embark on their academic journey on the first day of school, they often find themselves inundated with a myriad of tasks and preparations.

They need to equip their kids with the necessary school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, pens, and pencils, and make sure they have a backpack to carry everything in.

Additionally, they may need to purchase new clothes and shoes that meet the school dress code.

Furthermore, parents may also need to prepare a nutritious lunch for their kids or pack them a snack to fuel them throughout the day.

All of these preparations are made with the aim of ensuring that their children are set up for success and have a smooth transition into their new academic environment.

2. How do children socialize with each other?

For children, socializing with their peers is a crucial aspect of their development. They form bonds and create relationships through shared experiences, games, and conversations.

Children often socialize during recess, lunchtime, and extracurricular activities, but they can also bond while working on group projects, participating in school events, and participating in sports.

Socializing also helps kids build their self-esteem, develop their communication skills, and learn about cooperation and teamwork.

3. Is socialization important for children?

Undeniably, socialization is of paramount importance for children.

It helps them form a sense of self, build their confidence, and develop the skills needed to navigate relationships and social situations throughout their lives.

Socialization also helps children learn about the world and their place in it, and allows them to develop a sense of empathy and compassion for others.

In essence, socialization lays the foundation for a well-rounded, confident, and empathetic individual.

4. What are the reasons for job change?

There are a multitude of reasons why someone might choose to change jobs.

Some individuals may be seeking a new challenge, seeking to further their career, looking for a change of pace, or seeking a better work-life balance.

Others may be seeking a better salary, seeking a more supportive work environment, or seeking an opportunity to work in a different field or industry.

Ultimately, the reasons for job change are as varied and diverse as the individuals making the change.

5. Are big companies better than small companies?Why?

When comparing big companies to small companies, there is no definitive answer as to which is better.

it depends on an individual’s priorities and what they are looking for in a work environment.

Big companies often offer greater stability and more comprehensive benefits packages, but they can also be bureaucratic and slow-moving.

On the other hand, small companies can offer greater flexibility, a closer-knit work environment, and more opportunities for career advancement, but they may also have limited resources and may not offer the same level of stability as big companies

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages coming along with changing jobs?

The advantages of changing jobs include the opportunity to further one’s career, the chance to work in a different field or industry, the opportunity to work with a different group of people, and the possibility of a change of pace.

However, changing jobs can also bring with it certain disadvantages, such as having to adapt to a new work environment, potentially having to take a pay cut, and the stress of navigating a new company culture.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision to change jobs, and to carefully consider what is most important to one’s individual needs and goals.

Describe Your First Day At School That You Remember – IELTS Speaking Part 2

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