(2024) Describe a Piece Of Good Advice That You Gave To Someone

Describe a Piece Of Good Advice That You Gave To Someone

Describe a Piece Of Good Advice That You Gave To Someone
Describe a Piece Of Good Advice That You Gave To Someone

Cue Card

You should say:

  • Who you gave the advice to
  • What the advice was
  • Why you gave the advice
  • And explain how he/she followed your advice

Sample Answer

Certainly, let me share a piece of good advice I gave to a friend about their fitness routine.

I gave this advice to my close friend, Sarah, who had recently started a fitness journey but was feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online. She was unsure about what exercises to do, how often to work out, and how to maintain her motivation.

The advice I offered to Sarah was to keep it simple and consistent. I advised her to start with a basic workout routine that included a mix of cardiovascular exercises like jogging or cycling, strength training with bodyweight exercises, and flexibility exercises like yoga or stretching. I stressed the importance of setting achievable goals and gradually increasing the intensity of her workouts.

I gave her this advice because I wanted her to avoid burnout and frustration, which often result from trying to do too much too soon. I also emphasized the significance of consistency, as it’s the key to seeing long-term results in fitness.

Sarah followed my advice diligently. She started with short, manageable workouts and gradually increased their duration and intensity as her fitness level improved. She set specific goals for herself, such as running a certain distance or being able to do a certain number of push-ups, and celebrated her achievements along the way. Over time, she noticed positive changes in her energy levels, strength, and overall well-being.

I’m delighted that my advice was helpful to Sarah, and it’s fulfilling to see her not only maintain her fitness routine but also inspire others with her progress. This experience reinforced my belief that keeping things simple and being consistent are essential principles for anyone embarking on a fitness journey.

Part 3

1. Do you think parents should give their children advice?

Definitely. It’s the parents’ responsibility to raise their children well, and this includes giving their kids good advice about various aspects of life.

And even if their children are all grown up, parents should still advise them about important life decisions like marriage and switching careers, yet be careful to respect their grown children’s choices.

It’s only irresponsible parents who don’t give their children advice since they probably never wanted kids in the first place.

2. Should teachers give students advice?

They should. As the so-called second parents of students, teachers should advise their pupils, particularly about academic concerns and other school-related issues like time management and getting along with their peers.

However, for personal problems, teachers must be cautious about what they say.

Not all parents appreciate teachers interfering in family problems, and many think it’s inappropriate for teachers to delve into the romantic lives of their students.

Thus, teachers must consider whether they are crossing the line before advising students about these issues.

Describe a Piece Of Good Advice That You Gave To Someone – Sample Video

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