(2024) Describe An Unusual Meal You Had – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe An Unusual Meal You Had

Describe An Unusual Meal You Had
Describe An Unusual Meal You Had

Cue Card

You should say:

  • When you had it
  • Where you had it
  • Whom you had it with
  • And explain why it was unusual

Sample Answer 1

Well, speaking of meals, most people may think of an expensive meal in a fancy restaurant.
But to me, the most special meals were the take-out dinner party I had with classmates.
Actually, we would have this kind of party from time to time during the semester, either to celebrate some of our classmates birthdays or to loosen up a little bit when big exams were just over. And among all these parties, the most impressive one was the one we had at the end of semester in grade 11.

As for why it was unusual, well firstly, unlike a regular dinner, it took place in our homeroom, the classroom where we usually study together. We learned knowledge from teachers, buried our faces in books, and discussed how to solve difficult math problems when the exams were coming, listened and sang our favorite songs together during the breaks, and decorated it with our photos … Most of our time in school was spent in this room, and it was just like our second home. So for this meal, the environment had a more profound meaning than those in any other restaurant.

Another reason I think it was special is that besides enjoying our favorite food, we spent some quality time together during the meal. Our homeroom teacher, Ms . Chou, ordered a bunch of snacks and drinks we like, such as fried chicken, Pizza, Sushi, and bubble tea. Since we just finished the exam and didn’t have any homework, this party was just about relaxing and having fun! When our take- out arrived, we ate our fill while listening to our favorite music. The dinner was with much chit- chat and laughter. It created precious memory in my high school.

Sample Answer 2

Well, I had an unusual meal about a month ago when I was visiting a new city as a vlogger. I had heard about this amazing restaurant that was known for its beautiful presentation of food, so I had to check it out. Erm… I wasn’t really interested in the actual food itself, I just wanted to get some amazing pictures of the dishes to share on my social media.

I arrived at the restaurant alone, which was located in a trendy part of town, and was greeted by the owner, a friendly young woman with a warm smile. I told her that I was a vlogger and that I was interested in taking some pictures of the food for my channel. She was more than happy to oblige, and she led me to a table and brought out an assortment of dishes that were all artfully presented.

Well, the meal was truly unusual, and not just because of the way the food looked. The flavors and textures were unlike anything I had ever tasted before. I spent hours at the restaurant, taking pictures and chatting with the owner about her culinary creations.

In general, it was a really unique and memorable experience. I’m glad I took ne chance to visit this unusual restaurant, and I’m looking forward to sharing the beautiful pictures of the food with my followers. (227 words)

Describe An Unusual Meal You Had – IELTS Speaking Part 2

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