(2024) Describe a time when you helped a child IELTS Cue Card

Describe a time when you helped a child
Describe a time when you helped a child

Cue card

You should say:
– When it was
– How you helped him/her

– Why you helped him/her

– And how you felt about it

Sample Answer 1

Helping is the most beautiful quality of a human being one should help others whenever it is needed or required. Especially children, they are so curious to learn everything. We should always help them in their academics and extracurricular activities.

Here I am going to talk about a time when I helped a kid. It was my vacation time and I was chilling on a beach with my family and I was having a wonderful time with my family.

On the beach I saw one small kid trying to make a sand house. He was struggling to make it. I observed him failing many times. The mud was not shaping according to him. And I decided to help him make a sand house.

I like helping kids and I especially help them when I find them struggling. And when I saw him failing in making a sand house I immediately went and sit with I also started making a new one just beside him. When he joined me we together made a wonderful sand house. That kid kept continuously talking about different shapes he wanted in the house and I tried to make them.

At the end we finally did it. We made a wonderful sand house together and saw a victory smile on his face and I lived my childhood once again. It was such a satisfying movement. His parents were watching us doing this when we completed the house. They also came with us and we clicked some photographs.

Sample Answer 2

When I just graduated from university, I took up a job as a home tutor, basically for primary school students. During that period, I came across many families and many children. There was one kid who gave me greatest impression. He was 12 years old, a small, slim but very flexible and active boy.

It was the very beginning of his graduating year of primary school when he first find me for after-school tutorship in English. He was a very typical Vietnamese English learner, although did well in his school’s written test, his accent and listening skills was not good at that time. I taught him how to pronounce word correctly, and practiced with him together. I also found some easy but authentic English listening materials for him to practice listening ability.

The time we spent together was very happy, and the class always ended before we could even notice. I went to his home once a week for half a year. His pronunciation improved significantly, and he himself also developed great interest in reading English essays. More importantly, he became a good friend of mine, and even invited me out for movie. This means that he truly regarded me as one of his friends, not just a distant and fearful teacher. I was very touched, because it was the first time I got invited by my student. I felt delighted for having a cute little friend like him.

Describe a time when you helped a child Sample video

1. Do you often help kids? How?

Many of my students hold the habits of asking me question about their curriculums even if I no longer teach them. Although answering these questions takes a lot of my leisure time, I am still willing to help, because they not only improve their grades due to my help, and also become friends with me. This kind of feeling makes me happy.

2. Why is it necessary to do volunteer services?

I believe volunteer work is irreplaceable in the society. Not everything could be valued by monetary price, and this manifests the importance of volunteer work. Jobs like helping neighbors cannot really leads to an employment, but it can improve the relationship between families.
Another kind of volunteer work is served in national events, like the Olympic Games. These activities are more like a national honor worth the devotion of the whole country. The volunteer work could alleviate financial burden of the government.

3. What can schools do to develop students’ awareness of volunteering?

There are a lot of things schools can do. School could set courses about training student’s practical skills, and request students to do related community services. For example, school could teach students sports skills and then ask them to teach small kids in the neighborhood. On winter days, school could also organise students to clean up the streets after snow weathers.

4. Who benefit more from the volunteer services, the volunteers or the people helped?

Although volunteers do obtain some social and practical experience and maybe friendship from their work, I still think it is the one who gets helped obtains more benefits, because volunteers contribute without asking for reward; they provide great help to mitigate other people’s heavy workload and solve their problems. I think it’ s fair to say volunteers give more than what they’ve gained.

5. Should parents teach helping others to their children?

Yes, of course. Parents are responsible for bringing their children into this world, and so it is their duty to make their children into responsible citizens of the future. Parents don’t have to do anything special to accomplish this. They just have to lead by example. Children will automatically follow their footsteps. If all citizens are helpful and nice, then the whole world would become a nice place to live in.

6. How do you encourage children to help others?

Nothing special is needed. Children are good observers and copy what their elders are doing. All you have to do is help others and they will automatically follow.

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