(Update 2024) Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy IELTS Cue Card

Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy

Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy
Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy

Cue card

You should say:
– What it is
– When you do it
– Who you do it with
– Why it is important to keep fit and healthy
– And explain why it can help you keep fit and healthy

Sample answer 1

Like everybody else, I like to stay healthy while also enjoying life at the same time. But, the problem is we can’t really enjoy life enough unless we also enjoy doing something healthy from time to time. Of course, different people enjoy doing different kinds of healthy activities, but as far as I am concerned, it is swimming.

I enjoy swimming. In fact, swimming was one of my most favourite hobbies when I was growing up as a child as I would hardly let any day pass by during the summertime without swimming, whether I was swimming in a lake or a big river. Besides, one of the greatest advantages of living in the countryside (yes, I grew up in the countryside until I started attending high school) of my country is that it almost certainly would have some natural lakes or rivers to invite those who would like to swim.

Of course, the difference is that when I was growing up as a child, I used to enjoy swimming just for the fun of it, but today, I do swimming because it helps me remain healthy. Besides, these days, I swim mostly in a local swimming pool as the city, in which I live now, doesn’t have many natural lakes, rivers or any ocean where I would be able to enjoy this activity better.

Anyway, I enjoy this healthy activity with a bunch of other guys (they are not related to me in any respect), and I do this every weekend if not more. By the way, I am trying to form a swimming club in my city in order to make swimming more of a fun activity rather than considering it as only a healthy activity.

Anyway, I think that swimming is a healthy activity because it forces each and every part of our bodies to engage in perfect sync with each other in order to keep us floating in the water. Besides, it also helps me relax after a long week of work by allowing me to forget about the worries of my daily life for a while.

Sample answer 2

When it comes to a healthy habit, I would start with an article I once read about creating a balanced life plan, which included information such as when should I wake up, when should I exercise, and when should I go to bed. It appeared on the blog of a well-known doctor who specializes in nutrition. Since my original schedule was so messy, a friend forwarded this article to me and suggested that I read it. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and improve my health status, so I went to the blog and read that post.

According to the article, it is best to get up at seven a.m. and go to bed before ten p.m. The article also recommended making it a habit to eat a variety of vegetables and nuts every day, as well as developing the habit of consuming an apple daily. In addition, regular exercise and keeping a positive attitude are also critical for maintaining good health. After carefully reading the whole article, I summed up his advice, typed it out, and taped it to my desktop so that it reminded me to live according to the plan. I also entered this doctor’s online community, where we could all check in and encourage others.

This article was really helpful to me because I felt more energetic when working and even happier after sticking to the plan for only a month. I am truly thankful to both the doctor and his article.

Part 3

1. How do children and old people keep fit and healthy?

Let’s break the question into two parts. Firstly, for children, I believe they have opportunities to exercise at school everyday due to their sports class and on top of that, there is a mandatory aerobic hour required by law, which strengthens children’s muscles. Oh, they also have to complete eye exercises twice a day to protect them from eye strain. Yet for the elders, it all depends on themselves. Some of them fancy square dancing and others prefer to do Taiji at parks in the morning. In addition, old people care more about eating, believing a healthy diet would keep them hale and hearty.

2. What do people normally do to keep fit and healthy in your country?

They come from a wide variety of ways. For children, as I just said, school would keep an eye on them. And for the elders, they eat healthy and prefer to exercise voluntarily because they got enough spare time. However, for those middle-aged people, things are different. Some of them hit the gym every week and eat salads, trying to keep a good-looking figure. Others have found some other hobbies like dancing jazz, surfing or skating.

3. How can parents help and guide their kids to keep healthy?

Let look at this step by step. To begin with, parents should spare no effort to keep themselves fit and healthy at first. Just as the old saying goes, only a good example can serve as the best sermon.
Moreover, kids need to be required to keep clean and tidy when they are able to understand orders, like washing hands before eating. On top of that, stories can help them grasp the importance of a healthy body, and only exercise and nutritional foods are necessary to maintain it.

4. Do you think it is good for governments to utilize popular celebrities to help build health awareness?

Of course I do. Role models have unbelievable power to young people. For instance, after the Winter Olympics, ski resorts are peopled with young girls just because they appreciate Eileen Gu.
On top of that, on short video platforms, influencers get tons of followers, forwarding and sharing every single piece of information about healthy lifestyle. Some aerobic videos sweep around the country, such as Liugenghong’s videos.
Influencers and idols play an important role of appealing, with whom building health awareness would be easy as a piece of cake.

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