(Update 2022) Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy IELTS Cue Card

Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy

Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy
Describe something you do to keep fit and healthy

Cue card

You should say:
– What it is
– When you do it
– Who you do it with
– Why it is important to keep fit and healthy
– And explain why it can help you keep fit and healthy

Sample answer

Like everybody else, I like to stay healthy while also enjoying life at the same time. But, the problem is we can’t really enjoy life enough unless we also enjoy doing something healthy from time to time. Of course, different people enjoy doing different kinds of healthy activities, but as far as I am concerned, it is swimming.

I enjoy swimming. In fact, swimming was one of my most favourite hobbies when I was growing up as a child as I would hardly let any day pass by during the summertime without swimming, whether I was swimming in a lake or a big river. Besides, one of the greatest advantages of living in the countryside (yes, I grew up in the countryside until I started attending high school) of my country is that it almost certainly would have some natural lakes or rivers to invite those who would like to swim.

Of course, the difference is that when I was growing up as a child, I used to enjoy swimming just for the fun of it, but today, I do swimming because it helps me remain healthy. Besides, these days, I swim mostly in a local swimming pool as the city, in which I live now, doesn’t have many natural lakes, rivers or any ocean where I would be able to enjoy this activity better.

Anyway, I enjoy this healthy activity with a bunch of other guys (they are not related to me in any respect), and I do this every weekend if not more. By the way, I am trying to form a swimming club in my city in order to make swimming more of a fun activity rather than considering it as only a healthy activity.

Anyway, I think that swimming is a healthy activity because it forces each and every part of our bodies to engage in perfect sync with each other in order to keep us floating in the water. Besides, it also helps me relax after a long week of work by allowing me to forget about the worries of my daily life for a while.

Part 3

1. How do children and old people keep fit and healthy?

2. What do people normally do to keep fit and healthy in your country?

3. How can parents help and guide their kids to keep healthy?

4. Do you think it is good for governments to utilize popular celebrities to help build health awareness?

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