(2024) Describe Something You Had to Share with Others IELTS Cue Card

Describe Something You Had to Share with Others

Describe something you had to share with others
Describe something you had to share with others

Cue Card

You should say:
– What it was
– Who you shared it with
– Why you had to share it with others
– And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer 1

Two years back, I shared my laptop with my younger brother. In 2020 the world experienced a lockdown due to the coronavirus. For a sizeable part of the year, we remained indoors in the comfort of our homes.

During that time, my brother joined an online class on digital marketing. He attended the first few classes through his smartphone and found it challenging to do practical work on the phone. He asked my mother for a new laptop, but due to the lockdown, it was not viable for us to buy it from outside because the shops were closed.

Then mom told my younger brother that I’d love to share my laptop with him, which I didn’t… But I have always been a good girl since l was little, so this time, without exception, I had no option but to share my laptop with my younger brother. Every day I used to give it to him for 5 hours.

The availability of a laptop enhanced my brother’s performance, and he managed to learn digital marketing in two months.

As for how I felt about it, well, initially, I was upset because my work/study suffered a lot. But later on, I managed it because I started doing other work while my laptop was busy with my brother. I started spending six hours without a laptop by doing a physical workout, watching motivational videos on TV and cooking my favorite mouth-watering delicacies. And upon finishing his classes, my younger brother treated me to a cup of Starbuck’s to express his thanks for my generous help. So that felt not bad.

The sharing kinda helped me to strengthen the bond with my younger brother.

Sample Answer 2

Well, I have shared my CDs with one of my best friends. The friend named Kate and I are both fans of a rock band, so we built a strong bond immediately when we met in a party. Since then, we often hung out and went to the livehouse together.

One day, after a show, she visited my apartment, and that’s when she noticed my collection of CDs once she came in. Because I have been keen on this band since I was a teenager, I bought a lot of CDs of the band at that time. Now these CDs have became so rare that you can not get them anymore. Kate felt super surprised, since she never thought that I have owned so many old CDs. Then, she asked me whether she can borrow these CDs.

To be honest, I was entangled with this request, because these CDs, which are a part of my memory of youth, means so much to me. However, finally, I shared these CDs with her nonetheless, since I could feel how much she like them and also since we are best friends. Sharing always makes me happy, because it can strengthen the bond of friendship.

Part 3

1. Do you think kids like to share? Why?

It depends. If we talk about children below 5 years old, I think they won’t like to share. It is like a kind of instinct, when you make them share their foods or toys, they may feel unhappy. But, talking about children for school age, I think they are willing to share, because this is a way to make friends and strengthen their bonds at school.

2. How can parents teach their children to share?

Be a model. You know, children imitate their parents,so if their parents can share with others, they will also try to do so. Moreover, parents can buy some books about sharing for their children, so they can be inspired by stories in books.

3. What do you think is the benefit of sharing for children?

Like I said before, actually, sharing is a good way to make friends when you meet some new ones, especially at school. When you share snacks, magazines or CDs with others, your classmates will feel that you are kind and friendly. On the other hand, you can find a lot of common topics with others.

4. Is there anything that parents should persuade children to share with others?

In China, I think parents always persuade children to share toys with others. You know, this topic even caused a lot of chaos on the internet, because many people have the same experience. For example, when I was a child, whenever my relatives and their children visited my home, my parents would definitely ask me to share my toys with other children. I always felt unhappy with this kind of behavior, because you know, toys are treasures for every child.

Describe Something You Had to Share with Others | IELTS Speaking Part 3

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