(2024) Describe a Place in Your Country or Part of Your Country That You Would Like to Recommend to Visitors/Travelers

Describe a Place in Your Country or Part of Your Country That You Would Like to Recommend to Visitors/Travelers

Describe a Place in Your Country or Part of Your Country That You Would Like to Recommend to Visitors/Travelers
Describe a Place in Your Country or Part of Your Country That You Would Like to Recommend to Visitors/Travelers

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You should say:
– What it is
– Where it is
– What people can do there
– And explain why you would like to recommend it to visitors/travelers

Sample Answer 1

I wanna talk about Wanning, a costal city on China’s Hainan Island, which has emerged as one of the most popular tourist cities among young people. It’s a perfect destination for those who want a wonderful beach holiday.

The city is well-known for surfing, so the most popular activity you can do there is no doubt surfing. There’re surf clubs providing surfing equipments and training for beginners, so don’t worry if you have no experience. Apart from surfing, you can do a wide range of water sports, including diving, rowing, sailing, jet skiing and many more.

For sightseeing, there’s a mountain park called Dongshan ridge, one of the few sacred mountains on Hainan Island. Then there’s a tropical botanical garden which has thousands of species of tropical and subtropical plants. Another famous tourist attraction is Xinglong Coffce Valley, a coffee plantation that has been turned into a tourist attraction, which includes a small museum about the history of local coffee industry, and there are also many cafes where you can sample the coffee and other products grown here.

As for food, of course there’re various fresh seafood you can try, clams, oysters, mussels, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, you name it. There are open markets where customers can pick their own favorites and have them cooked to personal preference. Besides, the city is famous for Southeast Asian foods because the city has been substantially influenced by a wave of overseas Chinese who immigrated there from Southeast Asia during the mid-20th century. If you love dessert, don’t miss out on the stir-fried ice cream, which is a kind of gelato made of milk, cream and sugars as well as other added ingredients and decorated with various toppings.

The reason why I recommend it is it’s a place you can chill out and meet interesting people. I went there last year and had a whale of time. I’m sure so will you if have a trip there.

Sample Answer 2

Well, there are a variety of different tourist attractions in China, ranging from world-renowned mountains to some historical monuments and relics. And speaking of a recommendation, in my opinion, The Great Wall is definitely worth visiting even just for once in your life.

It is located at the northwest of Beijing city, and it coves a huge land area of Beijing, like a vivid dragon. You can feel the whole brand view of the land field and sunset even if you just stand on the beginning of the The Great Wall. Well, you can not only just enjoy the fantastic sight, but also have the chance to try the mouth-watering local snacks that would take your breath away.

And most importantly, the initial reason I would highly recommend it is that The Great Wall, the unbelievable construction, is totally created by human hands of our ancestors in ancient times.

Secondly, it represents their diligent and conscientious spirit and persistent labor, which is the crucial characters that our modern people lacks. I guess that’s the most vital reason that I would like to recommend The Great Wall to visitors if they ever get the chance to come to China.

Describe a Place in Your Country or Part of Your Country That You Would Like to Recommend to Visitor | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Part 3

1. Is it important to take photos while traveling?

From my perspective, I don’t think taking photos while traveling is a good choice, you know. The main point of travelling is to release yourself from the old stress patterns and get away from the daily affairs‚ right? So what’s the point if you can not actually live at the moment and enjoy the view standing in front of you?

2. Can you trust other people’s travel journals on the Internet?

To be honest, I don’t trust the online travel journals, maybe those notes are just for advertising from travel agents, so I wouldn’t care less. On the other hand, some influences would post complimentary words just to attract followers, thus they are not trust-worthy. I would rather feel the moment that travelling can actually bring on me than trust those online scams.

3. What factors affect how people feel about traveling?

I feel the budget that people can really set aside and the comfy environment are major elements can actually affect people. Cause you know, you can enjoy the wonderful service with enough money while the environment you choose will bring you a different experience.

4. Will you go to a foreign country to travel because of the distinct landscape?

The answer is sure ! I would spare no effort to travel a foreign country as long as it is worth expecting, even if it just has a unique scenery. Of course, if it has something else that worthy seeing, it is the best. We should embrace the diversity, and maybe you will find that you can see things differently and change your attitude towards everything.

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